Customer Appreciation: EMSCULPT NEO® Demo

$ 100

Product Information

Experience your inaugural EMSCULPT NEO® Demo treatment for just $100.00. Enjoy it? Secure a package of four treatments and claim a complimentary EMSCULPT NEO® Flank Treatment, valued at $750. Pricing details will be provided following the demo.

What does EMSCULPT NEO® do?

EMSCULPT NEO® is a cutting-edge body contouring treatment that combines two powerful technologies: radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies. This innovative fusion targets both fat reduction and muscle building simultaneously, resulting in a sculpted, toned appearance. EMSCULPT NEO® not only helps to eliminate stubborn fat but also strengthens and tones muscles, delivering noticeable results with minimal downtime. Whether you're looking to refine your physique or enhance muscle definition, EMSCULPT NEO® offers a non-invasive solution to achieve your aesthetic goals effectively.