NIR Tummy Tightening

NIR Tummy Tightening

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The Nir Laser restores youthful suppleness and vibrancy to skin that has been damaged by the sun, pollutants or simply age.

NIR Laser may be right for you if you are experiencing:

  • Mild loose or sagging skin around the neck

  • Mild loose, dimpled skin in the abdomen

  • Mild or loose skin on the upper arms

  • Lax skin from sun damage

  • Not a candidate or not quite ready for surgery

What is an NIR Laser treatment?

  • A controlled heat therapy to help to tighten skin on the face and body.

  • Delivers uniform energy distribution and effectively targets lipids and connective tissue

  • A completely safe non-invasive procedure and cleared by the FDA

  • Comfortable, quick procedure that is pain-free

Must use within 1 year of purchase. Offer expires end of month.