AFT / Clear Lift / NIR - 1 of each Face:  (Sun Damage), (Wrinkles), (Skin Tighten)

AFT / Clear Lift / NIR - 1 of each Face: (Sun Damage), (Wrinkles), (Skin Tighten)

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Offer includes one of each of the following laser treatments:

AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is a laser rejuvenation treatment designed to remove damage caused by sun exposure as well as treat conditions that are worsened by sun exposure, such as rosacea. This treatment targets hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin as well as redness and broken capillaries.

The ClearLift Laser erases fine lines and wrinkles on the face while firming and tightening delicate areas around the eyes & mouth, neck and chest. Clearlift treatments are painless with immediate visible results and no downtime.

Nir Laser for Skin Tightening: One of those reasons is skin tightening, which restores some youthful suppleness and vibrancy to skin that has been damaged by the sun, pollutants or simply age. One type of laser used for skin tightening is the NIR, or near infrared laser.