Genius® RF Microneedling: 3 Pack Face:  Deep Wrinkles, Saggy Skin & Volume

Genius® RF Microneedling: 3 Pack Face: Deep Wrinkles, Saggy Skin & Volume

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For women and men seeking a solution for skin conditions ranging from acnes scars to wrinkles to stretch marks, the Genius radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment is the breakthrough procedure you’ve been looking for. The device targets the skin’s deeper layers with pinpoint precision, as RF energy induces the production of more collagen than can be achieved with microneedling alone. Preventative Medical Clinic offers the FDA-cleared Genius RF microneedling treatments in Omaha, Nebraska, to improve the texture, smoothness, and firmness of the skin.

How Does It Work?

Collagen is a big component of youthful, healthy skin. When you’re young, your skin produces enough collagen to maintain its smooth, evenly toned appearance. As you age, however, your body produces much less collagen. Wrinkles and fine lines develop, and the quality of the skin deteriorates. Microneedling stimulates the production of new collagen by triggering the body’s natural healing process—it is sometimes called collagen induction treatment (CIT).

Combining radiofrequency energy with microneedling takes the treatment to another level. Radiofrequency uses radio waves as the source of energy to treat the skin (as opposed to light or laser energy). RF heats the dermal skin with controlled temperatures of between 60-75 degrees Celsius. Prior to this we were limited to only reaching temperatures in the low 40s. The increased heat maximizes the production of new collagen and elastin. You can see visible skin tightening on the neck and jowls within a week of the treatment and the results continue improving for several more months.

RF Microneedling Benefits

The Genius RF microneedling treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and for people with all skin colors. Good candidates for the procedure include women and men with:

  • Oily or dry skin
  • Skin with large pores and/or pitting
  • Heavy acne or other scarring

RF microneedling treatments can:

  • Firm and tighten the skin of the face, neck and chest
  • Decrease diffuse wrinkling common on the décolletage
  • Minimize the appearance of acne scars
  • Treat sun damage
  • Improve skin tone and skin texture
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Restore a youthful glow

This procedure is also ideal for individuals who are looking to maintain results from a previous facelift.