Tirzepatide with BPC-157 Rx Weight Loss Consultation

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The $99 fee is for a consultation only

Weekly injections range from $115 - $195

Depending on dosage:

Overweight patients lost 35 to 52 pounds
Tirzepatide (dual action GLP-1 & GIP)
  • Reduced the appetite and feelings of hunger
  • Slows the release of food fron the stomach
  • Increases the feelings of fullness after eating
  • Decreases appetite, which then helps reduce body weight
  • Helps the body remove fat (GIP)
 BPC-157 stands for Body Protection Compound 157
  • The primary way BPC 157 may help with weight loss is by reducing inflammation
  • Obesity is a chronic inflammatory condition.
  • BPC 157  has been shown to have highly potent anti-inflammatory effects
  • Inflammation is characterized by decreased Nitric Oxide Production/Utilization
  • BPC has also been shown to increase Nitric Oxide Production/Utilization

Sold under the brand name Mounjaro, was studied in people without diabetes in three dosages: 5, 10, and 15 milligrams. Participants with obesity or who were overweight and took the 5-milligram dose lost an average of 35 pounds (16 kilograms), those on the 10-milligram dose lost an average of 49 pounds (22 kilograms), and participants on the 15-milligram dose lost an average of 52 pounds (23.6 kilograms).

“Almost 40% of individuals lost a quarter of their body weight,” said co-author Dr. Ania Jastreboff, co-director of the Yale Center for Weight Management in a briefing for the media.

Speed up your metabolism without impossible to maintain workout regimes or unrealistic caloric restrictions.

  • Must use within 90 days of purchase