Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age?

Radiesse® is now the only approved injectabe filler for hands! After the face, hands are the most telling indicator of age. Radiesse® for the hands is proven to immedicately enhance the appearance of hands by restoring lost volume for smooth and natural-looking results.

It is a quick, in-office treatment, Radiesse® is injected under your skin on the back of your hands to add volume to lessin the visibility of veins and tendons due to loss of fullness. Numbing cream is applied to make sure the patient is 100% comfortable and experiences little to no pain. Normal swelling may occur and results last up to a year in most patients.

So, who wants younger looking hands? You do!

If you’re a massage therapists, a sales professional (for example a jeweler, showing of merchandise), or even those who have an upcoming special event like a wedding or engagement party (because photos never lie) then this quick service is perfect for you!

If you are considering turning back the hands of time with Radiesse®, call 402.895.8001 for a free consult today!